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Management Team

Simon Thuresson
Simon ThuressonChief Executive Officer
Tel: +46 (0)8 568 595 05
Magnus Severin
Magnus SeverinVice President, Sales & Marketing
Tel: +46 (0)8 537 04 52
Karin Carlstedt
Karin CarlstedtChief Financial Officer
Tel: +46 (0)8 401 00 51
David Selin
David SelinChief Operating Officer
Tel: +46 (0)8 568 595 08
Andrea Brönnegård
Andrea BrönnegårdChief Human Resources Officer
Tel: +46 (0)8 568 595 09
Tony Forsberg
Tony ForsbergChief Quality Officer & Senior Specialist Consultant
Tel: +46 (0)70 647 30 22
Thomas Eriksson
Thomas ErikssonProduct Manager, SMART Lab
Tel: +46 (0)73 071 53 85
Morgan Bodin
Morgan BodinProduct Manager, SMART Manufacturing
Tel: +46 (0)702 09 21 16
Anna-Lena Mann
Anna-Lena MannBusiness Area Manager, Compliance Excellence
Tel: +46 (0)72 22 35 886

Connect with some of our team

Project Management

Åsa Holm

Senior Consultant & Team Leader asa.holm@plantvision.se

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CAPEX investment within Life Science

New product introduction

Change management

Pontus Bergfeldt

Senior Consultant pontus.bergfeldt@plantvision.se

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CAPEX investment within Life Science

Data integrity

Change management

Ann Hägnestrand

Senior Consultant ann.hagnestrand@plantvision.se

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CAPEX investment within Life Science

Quality control

Tech Transfer / New product introduction

Per Stenlöf

Senior Specialist Consultant per.stenlof@plantvision.se

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Data integrity

Digitialization / Pharma 4.0

Fabiana Hyle

Senior Consultant fabiana.hyle@plantvision.se

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CE marking

Packaging equipment

Catarina Eklund

Senior Consultant catarina.eklund@plantvision.se

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Business development


Product security

SMART Manufacturing

Marcus Rickardsson

Business Area Manager marcus.rickardsson@plantvision.se

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Process automation

Plant asset management

Process simulation

Camilla Vidgren-Johansson

Senior Consultant camilla.vidgren-johansson@plantvision.se

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Project delivery management

Production information (MES- Historian)

Machine Learning

Robert Velén

Senior Specialist Consultant & Team Leader robert.velen@plantvision.se

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Plant asset management system (COMOS)

Plant asset register

Maintenance system

Daniel Arrhenius

Senior Specialist Consultant daniel.arrhenius@plantvision.se

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Production information

MES – Historian

System implementation & design

Morgan Bodin

Product Manager, SMART Manufacturing morgan.bodin@plantvision.se

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Supply Chain Management

Planning & Scheduling

Smart manufacturing/Industry 4.0

Henrik Lindberg

Senior Consultant & Team Leader henrik.lindberg@plantvision.se

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Manufacturing processes


Production development

Viveka Wretman

Business Area Manager (Acting) – Supply Chain Management viveka.wretman@plantvision.se

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Supply Chain Management

Planning & scheulding

Sourcing and procurement

Cecilia Jacobsson

Business Area Manager, Operational Information cecilia.jacobsson@plantvision.se

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SMART Manufacturing

Data management and analysis

Data integrity

Erik Jansson

Senior Specialist Consultant erik.jansson@plantvision.se

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Industry 4.0

Asset management

Track & trace

Niclas Svensson

Senior Consultant niclas.svensson@plantvision.se

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Process Automation

Batch Control

Process Simulation

Tomas Toman

Senior Consultant tomas.toman@plantvision.se

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Production information (MES)

System architecture

Application & integration


Ewa Kloskowska

Senior Consultant & Team Leader ewa.kloskowska@plantvision.se

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Laboratory digitalization

Product validation

Tech transfer (NPI)

Anders Törnqvist

Senior Specialist Consultant anders.tornqvist@plantvision.se

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Laboratory solutions (LIMS)

Integrations within laboratory solutions

Anders Jernberg

Key Account Manager anders.jernberg@plantvision.se

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Smart lab (LIMS)

Laboratory solutions

Smart manufacturing

Jolanta Szymczakowska

Senior Scientist jolanta.szymczakowska@plantvision.se

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Quality management within LAB

Laboratory solutions (LIMS)

Validation of computerised systems

Thomas Eriksson

Director Business Development & Senior Business Consultant thomas.eriksson@plantvision.se

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Life Science challenges

Change management

Value realization

Quality & Compliance

Anna-Lena Mann

Business Area Manager anna-lena.mann@plantvision.se

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Quality Management

Computerized systems/Data integrity

Quality Assurance

Kristina Eneling

Consultant & Team Leader kristina.eneling@plantvision.se

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Data Integrity

Validation pharma


Carl Adelsköld

Senior Consultant carl.adelskold@plantvision.se

Ask me about...

Validation within pharmaceutical production

Computerized systems (SaaS)


Cecilia Fällman

Product Manager Compliance Excellence cecilia.fallman@plantvision.se

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Reguatory Affairs


Medical Device

Debora Ternström

Senior Consultant debora.ternstrom@plantvision.se

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Quality assurance

Internal audits within Medtech


Tony Forsberg

Chief Quality Officer & Senior Specialist Consultant tony.forsberg@plantvision.se

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Quality assurance of computerized systems

Linda Pell

Senior Consultant & Team Leader linda.pell@plantvision.se

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Software Compliance (SaaS)


Quality Assurance

Lina Stange

Senior Specialist & Deputy Quality Manager lina.stange@plantvision.se

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Quality Assurance

Validation & Verification (computerized systems)

Anders Christensen

Senior Consultant anders.christensen@plantvision.se

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Validation within Life Science

Data Integrity

Lab Information Management

Jessica Törnquist

Senior Consultant & Team Leader jessica.tornquist@plantvision.se

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Project management within Life Science

Validation within Life Science (Pharma & Medtech)

Course leader/educator

Jennie Ousbäck

Consultant jennie.ousback@plantvision.se

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Medical Device Regulation (MDR)

Product compliance

Maria Prans Liljevret

Senior Consultant maria.liljevret@plantvision.se

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CE- marking (Medtech)

Validation Medtech/Pharma


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