Process Engineering & Design

Design, establish and streamline processes to lift your operations and your overall production potential.


Majda Dzemidzic
Consultant Manager
Tel: +46 (0)73-043 98 53

Christian Johansson
Consultant Manager
Tel: +46 (0)76-779 94 57

Situation > Challenges > Benefits

Focusing on process optimization can elevate your operations as a whole and help you to realize your full production potential.

Achieving this requires a combination of time and expertise in process design, as well as an understanding of chemicals and optimization. For many companies, the easiest and fastest way to achieve their goals is to make use of external support.

A significant benefit of working with us is that you get access to all PlantVision’s areas of expertise within SMART Manufacturing. We can deliver services linked to process optimization as individual projects, as ongoing assignments, or as part of a major business change initiative.

  • Improve process flows
  • Optimize processes with regard to environment, time and costs
  • Increase product yield
  • Scale up production more efficiently
  • Drive cross-functional improvement projects
  • Gain new valuable insights
  • Simplify your development journey
  • Take advantage of synergies with other SMART Manufacturing improvement projects

Situation > Challenges > Benefits

Industry, and society at large, is experiencing a phase of change. There is an increasing focus on saving resources and improving efficiency to meet more stringent environment, time and cost demands.

One way to achieve greater efficiency and possible cost savings is to review process design, the choice of components and materials used, and process flows. Common situations we encounter include:

  • Company A – Has a functioning process flow but lacks the needed resources (particular expertise) to realize its full potential.

  • Company B – Has a process with a functioning flow but sees the opportunity for improvement by streamlining usage, for example materials, resources, time and costs.
  • Company C – Has a process that needs to be shut down and changed in favor of another product.
  • Company D – Has a functioning process on a small scale and wants to scale up production.

Situation > Challenges > Benefits

How can you maintain or improve your process flow?

When you have a functioning process flow, it can be difficult to set aside time and resources to investigate or drive new improvement opportunities. Sometimes, a completely new approach from an outside perspective is needed to show what can be achieved.

We enable resources that can identify both internal and external factors that impact on your production potential, such as:

Changes in personnel
Lack of expertise
Lack of time
Changing external factors
Restructuring of an existing process
Going from ‘idea’ to a functioning process flow


We offer expertise and services to help you design, establish and streamline production processes.

We can support you at any level, from advisory consulting in major business change initiatives to individual process engineers who can take responsibility for specific assignments or tasks.

We can also conduct feasibility studies and work process mapping, or work as project managers and change leaders. Some specific areas where we can support your organization include:

Design of process plants

We can support the development of completely new facilities, from requirements specifications and function descriptions to the design and development of optimized processes that support your long-term goals.

Process optimization

We can deliver improvement projects as individual initiatives or as part of a more holistic approach, taking into account a wide range of internal and external factors that affect production processes in order to identify and implement an optimized solution.

Process validation

We can help you with process qualification, testing and validation if you are operating in a regulated environment, for example, according to GMP or other guidelines relating to drug manufacturing.

Deviation management

We can supply resources for driving deviation management or helping to improve quality.

Project management

We can help you plan, coordinate and drive improvement projects from idea to implementation.


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