Plant Asset Data & Document Management

Increase your plant uptime with a digital twin and empower maintenance operations to improve asset reliability through simple access to complete and correct information.


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Plant Asset Management
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Plant Asset Management
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Situation > Challenges > Benefits

Partnering with PlantVision can help you to improve asset performance and reliability, optimize plant lifecycle management and, ultimately, increase your production up-time. Some of the areas where your organization will realize improvements include:


Data only requires entering once and is then accessible from different platforms and devices.


No duplication of data that can cause mismatches and inconsistencies.


No documentation with contradictory information and predictions of future situations.


Staff can access all the information they need without giving them additional unnecessary access.


Simple navigation with easy, fast searches for finding relevant accurate information.

Data Integrity

Single system for safely managing information access and security.

Situation > Challenges > Benefits

To stay competitive, manufacturing plants need to be up and running all the time. Today, planned maintenance is either carried out during short scheduled stops or performed during ongoing plant operations. Maintenance departments also need to react to unexpected stoppages.

Access to reliable information is crucial. A wide range of information is needed, from details about a specific seal, all the way up to an overview layout of the site. Information is usually spread across different systems and, oftentimes, is only available within documents.

Expansion, mergers and acquisitions can also lead to differences in culture and practices between sites. Data are spread across ERP, CMMS (computerized maintenance management system), Control Systems, Excel files, and Access databases, while documents are scattered around in file shares such as SharePoint, or on CD-shelves.

Smarter data management is needed to better utilize information, improve asset performance (e.g. through machine learning supported by AI) and increase plant up-time.

Situation > Challenges > Benefits

Some of the key challenges for plant asset management include:

Contradictory information

Once the information has been found, there may be conflicting information in various documents. This often means that someone needs to go out into the facility to see exactly what is installed.

Incomplete information

Another common situation is that not all the information needed to prepare and resolve a work order is available in the maintenance system. Older maintenance systems may also lack mobile solutions.

Ineffective working processes

Taken altogether, these issues result in maintenance technicians needing to work in several different systems in order to carry out each work order.

Information security

Can maintenance staff access all necessary data for their tasks without granting them full access to all systems?


Can employees access the information they need anywhere on site?

Plant modifications

What deliverables are affected and where can the latest revisions be accessed?


An optimized plant lifecycle management solution gives you access to all current and correct information, with fast and simple search functionality.

This, together with data-driven failure prevention powered by machine learning, can significantly increase your production up-time.

We support you with a holistic perspective and vast technical expertise for optimizing both asset performance and plant life cycle management. From feasibility studies to integrated solutions and services we help to ensure you realize these key success factors:

Efficiency & Consistency

Enter information ONCE only in order to generate all necessary deliverables and documents.

Visualization & Access

Display information in a way that is simple to use and easy to navigate. Store relevant documents with the object they relate to and enable fast access from a wide range of devices.


Enable information exchange between systems, e.g. plant registry, CMMS, ERP and control systems. Sharing information eliminates the need for multiple data entry.

Machine Learning

Prevent asset failure and unplanned stoppages. Assess patterns of normal and abnormal behaviour of assets in order to predict future conditions and their inherent causes.


We offer high-performing consultants and teams that deliver services and high-tech solutions – always with customer value in focus.



We work with industry-leading solutions for maintenance and plant asset management.

Siemens COMOS

Siemens COMOS is a complete software suite for the entire lifecycle of process plants. It includes modules for everything from the first idea sketches to maintenance. All information and documentation is in ONE database.

Siemens COMOS Walkinside

3D viewer and simulation tool for process plants. Use 3D models to view your facility before various types of maintenance tasks. Train operators and maintenance staff by simulating different work steps and evacuations, etc.


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