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Visualize, optimize and act. Utilize your capacity and resources to the maximum while ensuring delivery precision and lowering stock levels.


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Supply Chain & Production
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SMART Manufacturing
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Situation > Challenges > Benefits

Partnering with PlantVision to streamline and improve your supply chain management can help you to operate more efficiently, work to a higher standard, and reduce organizational stress.

Benefits for your organization:

  • Increase productivity – make better use of existing capacity, equipment and personnel
  • Increase delivery precision and improve customer service
  • Lower stock levels – synchronize purchasing with an achievable schedule
  • Minimize work in progress – shorten make span time / issue materials when needed, not before

Benefits for Purchasers, Planners and Schedulers:

  • Create new production plans quickly and easily
  • Immediately see if and where problems exist

  • Easily compare plans and choose the best alternative
  • Quickly confirm the delivery date for a new order
  • Share the live production schedule with colleagues
  • See effects of late purchase orders
  • Decrease raw material stock

Situation > Challenges > Benefits

The ability to act quickly and optimize operations based on changing supply chain conditions is essential in today’s fast-paced production environment.

The more complex your production, in terms of materials, lead times, routings, manpower and tooling, etc., the less likely it is that ERP or an Excel solution can cope.

Using Excel or any other ERP add-on is a compromise. You gain greater flexibility than ERP alone, but you end up investing a lot of time and effort to make things work.

These types of solutions lack the planning rules, visibility and data integration needed.

With an Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) solution you can create new production plans in minutes and view the impact of changes in real time. You increase control over your entire value chain.

Situation > Challenges > Benefits

Key challenges that many organisations struggle to overcome include:

Understanding capacity

How do capacity constraints affect the production plan?

The impact of materials

At what point will a shortage of materials affect production and how?

On-time delivery

Can accurate delivery dates be provided on request, and can those delivery dates be met?

“What-if” scenarios

What affect will prioritizing a new order have on other orders?

Planning efficiency

Is the planning process fast enough to keep pace with the rate of change within production and across the wider supply chain?

Knowledge access

Is enough knowledge built into the system, or is there too much reliance on the experience of individual production planners?


We provide this holistic perspective together with the technical aspects required to ensure your supply chain generates sustainable value.

Optimal supply chain management requires control and visibility across many areas, including Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), materials sourcing, supplier monitoring, planning and scheduling.

Effective change management, starting with feasibility studies and benefits & value mapping,

together with an optimal planning and scheduling solution ensure you achieve the key success factors:


Visualizing planning data, together with order and material relationships, allows you to quickly identify issues and potential problems.

Capacity utilization

Ensure resources, such as machines and personnel, are better utilized and bottlenecks are easily detected.

Material control

Supervising material linkages and alerts allows you to stay ahead of any potential material shortages or excess stock.

Reaction speed

“What-if” capability enables alternative scenarios to be explored before deciding on the best solution.


Linking supply, production and sales activities means key personnel can collaborate effectively.


Ensure everyone adapts to the new way of working regarding purchasing, planning and scheduling.


We offer high-performing consultants and teams that deliver services and high-tech solutions – always with customer value in focus.


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