We collaborate with world-leading software and technology suppliers. This enables us to provide Scandinavia’s most complete offering of digital transformation solutions for driving operational excellence.


Operator Dialog

Operator Dialog (OPD) is a powerful add-on software to Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 system. It saves engineering time and simplifies interactions between operators and automated control systems.


Production efficiency made simple! The all-in-one production monitoring and OEE solution that easily adapts to your needs today and grows to meet your ambitions tomorrow.


AspenTech aspenONE

AspenTech is one of the world’s leading suppliers of production optimization solutions. The company’s aspenONE® software covers design, operations and maintenance across the entire lifecycle of production assets.


A powerful solution that helps you turn production data into valuable insights. The PI System connects sensor-based data with systems and users so you can optimize your operations using real-time statistics.

Siemens COMOS

Siemens COMOS is a complete software suite for the entire lifecycle of process plants. It includes modules for everything from the first idea sketches to maintenance. All information and documentation is in ONE database.

Siemens COMOS Walkinside

3D viewer and simulation tool for process plants. Use 3D models to view your facility before various types of maintenance tasks. Train operators and maintenance staff by simulating different work steps and evacuations, etc.

Siemens Opcenter

Opcenter is a holistic Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution that enables you to implement your strategy for the complete digitalization of manufacturing operations.

Siemens Opcenter APS

Opcenter APS is an Advanced Planning and Scheduling system that enhances the orchestration of your manufacturing processes while delivering benefits such as greater visibility, increased productivity, and improved customer service.


SIMATIC forms the foundation of a flexible, reliable and efficient automation system. With SIMATIC you get access to the world’s leading portfolio of solutions for delivering fully integrated automation.

Siemens SIMIT

SIMIT allows you to verify and optimize your processes and test your automation solution virtually and risk-free, resulting in a significantly shortened “time-to-market”.

Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS

SampleManager LIMS is one of the most widely deployed Laboratory Information Management Systems in the world. It is a complete solution for driving lab productivity and ensuring compliance.


TrakSYS is a next-generation MES/MOM platform with out-of-the-box functionality designed to provide the monitoring, measuring, reporting and analytics you need to run your manufacturing operation more effectively.