Maintenance & Asset Performance Management

Maximize your plant’s uptime with the support of a modern maintenance system while also keeping track of the plant’s technical information and documentation.


Robert Velén
Senior Specialist Consultant
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Filip Abrahamsson
Specialist Consultant
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    A modern maintenance system can be used both in the office for planning and mobile for providing information about the equipment relating to a work order, or to make a fault report.

    It keeps track of all actions taken regarding each respective object, what measures to take, and when. Managing spare parts, needs, inventory, etc. are also included, and it can handle both planned and remedial maintenance, of course.

    There is ONE maintenance system on the market that handles both traditional maintenance needs as well as all the technical information about the facility – both data and documents. In addition, you can connect a 3D viewer to look at the facility and simulate actions.

    As the plant asset information system is the same as the maintenance system, work orders can include all appropriate documentation from the plant asset information system. All information and documentation is also accessible on mobile devices, of course.

    • Keep track of all actions taken across the facility

    • Reduce time wastage
    • Increase quality
    • Carry out inspections more smoothly
    • Access all information via mobile devices
    • Carry out maintenance planning and simulation more efficiently
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    Most production facilities have a maintenance department. However, they often lack a maintenance system or they have an old system that no longer supports operations. In both cases, it’s time to think about a new solution.

    Technical information about the facility is usually found in documents that are spread across many different places. A lot of searching is needed before each maintenance task.

    The maintenance system usually only contains very general data about each component. Important but ‘inexpensive’ components may be completely missing in the maintenance system as it is also linked to finance.

    Many process plants are designed in 3D CAD, but the models are not used in daily work. This is despite the fact it can be very useful to “walk around” the plant prior to maintenance tasks without having to enter a clean room, for example.

  • Situation > Challenges > Benefits

    Scheduled maintenance

    Is all relevant information available and up to date in order to plan and perform maintenance?

    Corrective maintenance

    How quickly can the necessary information be accessed?

    Condition-based maintenance

    Is all relevant data being retrieved?

    Multiple information sources

    Without a maintenance system, employees need to create various Excel lists to keep track of what measures have been taken and what needs to happen going forwards. A lot of this information remains in the heads of key individuals.

    Time consuming

    Even in organizations that have a maintenance system, maintenance personnel spend an unreasonable amount of time before each work order looking for and verifying technical information about the facility and its components.


    Can employees access the information they need anywhere on site?


We work with leading solutions for maintenance and plant information management, primarily focused on process plants. The solutions come from Siemens and are based on the process plant life cycle system COMOS, and plant information and decision support systems XHQ and PlantSight.

Maintenance system with mobile solutions

A modern maintenance system with access to all plant asset information.

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Plant asset register and plant information

Maintain good structure and order for all technical information and documentation connected to the process plant.

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Plan and simulate using the 3D model

Use the 3D model from the design, or a freshly scanned version, to plan maintenance or simulate different operating situations.

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Information and decision support

Access all information and view ‘controls’ and graphs by collating data from different sources and systems.

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We offer high-performing consultants and teams that deliver services and high-tech solutions – always with customer value in focus.

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We work with industry-leading solutions for maintenance and plant asset management.

Siemens COMOS

Siemens COMOS is a complete software suite for the entire lifecycle of process plants. It includes modules for everything from the first idea sketches to maintenance. All information and documentation is in ONE database.

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Siemens COMOS Walkinside

3D viewer and simulation tool for process plants. Use 3D models to view your facility before various types of maintenance tasks. Train operators and maintenance staff by simulating different work steps and evacuations, etc.

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