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Connect, analyze, visualize and act. Collect and secure correct production information for improving processes, optimizing performance, enabling track & trace and complying with regulations.


Erik Jansson
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Manufacturing Information
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Tomas Toman
Senior Consultant,
Manufacturing Information
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Situation > Challenges > Benefits

Companies that choose a digitalization strategy that provides a “single version of the truth” enjoy many benefits.
The same basic data creates sustainable value in many different ways, since it can be used in different roles for different purposes.

The operator gains an improved overview of the current status in terms of, for example, quality, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), equipment, and updated production plans.

Production technicians and maintenance staff can be supported with more advanced analytical tools and machine learning enabling predictive maintenance and continual improvement.

The quality department gains better information for making product and batch approval decisions, together with improved traceability of every product from raw material to end product.

Management gains a clear overview and long-term picture of reality as a basis for making improved strategic decisions.

Situation > Challenges > Benefits

Manufacturing companies are under increasing pressure to ensure product quality and reliability, make better use of production resources, and to ensure delivery precision in order to stay competitive in an increasingly globalized and competitive world.

Production facilities are typically a complex process with multiple production lines and equipment that must interact in an optimal way for quality, utilization, and delivery precision to be the best possible.

Modernization, automation and digitalization of the production process are essential to stay competitive.

Situation > Challenges > Benefits

Having the right information at the right time is critical to making correct decisions and adapting production in an ever-changing world.

The reality is something completely different for many companies. Information is often isolated in information islands with little or no sharing between them. Master data is often poorly managed, and it is not unusual for there to be several versions of the same information – but which do not contain the same data.

The result is that the various functions and roles within a company each have a different version of the truth. Decisions are based on incorrect information, resulting in suboptimal quality, utilization, and delivery precision.


We can help you to develop and implement a digitalization strategy that provides the basis for a “single version of the truth”. This enables all of those involved in the production process to make better decisions based on the same information.

With the help of powerful solutions that ensure both quality and security, you can achieve the key success factors:

Get organized

Collect and store data related to the appropriate process, equipment, product, or batch in a secure, structured, and accessible way.

Transform data into information

Relate different data to each other, view data in the correct context, and lay the groundwork for transforming data into information and knowledge.


Enable powerful data visualization so that correct data can be analyzed from different perspectives in user-friendly way.

Make better, faster decisions

Optimize ongoing production with the support of real-time production information and implement continuous improvements based on strong production follow-up information.

Ensure data integrity

For companies operating in a regulatory environment, we help to ensure date is managed in a way that meets those regulations, such as FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 (21 CFR11).


We offer high-performing consultants and teams that deliver services and high-tech solutions – always with customer value in focus.



We work with industry-leading solutions for manufacturing intelligence.


Production efficiency made simple! The all-in-one production monitoring and OEE solution that easily adapts to your needs today and grows to meet your ambitions tomorrow.

AspenTech aspenONE

AspenTech is one of the world’s leading suppliers of production optimization solutions. The company’s aspenONE® software covers design, operations and maintenance across the entire lifecycle of production assets.


A powerful solution that helps you turn production data into valuable insights. The PI System connects sensor-based data with systems and users so you can optimize your operations using real-time statistics.


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