Digitalize and integrate both automated and manual processes. Ensure timely and proper execution while assuring quality.

Within process and manufacturing industries, production facilities must offer effective monitoring, control, and information gathering in order to meet today’s demands for production availability and throughput.

Production facilities need to be flexible and reliable, so they can be quickly adapted, re-engineered, or modernized with minimal effect on production capability.

A well-integrated automation and information system, with the ability to carry out virtual testing and training via a digital twin, can provide a flexible environment in which change can be easily managed without compromising quality and reliability.

Some of the major challenges for Manufacturing Execution in a modern production environment include:

  • Maintaining the reliability of automation and information management systems.
  • Maintaining or even increasing production throughput while maintenance, reconstruction and improvements are being developed and implemented.
  • Maintaining quality within production and the quality of production data.
  • Carrying out and documenting change efficiently and easily.
  • Streamlining information flow within an automation and information management system.

Whether your system is fundamentally a process control system, a basic control system, or a monitoring system, the optimal solution is a well-integrated system solution for automation and information management.

We provide systems with seamless integration across all levels of industrial automation – from executive level to controller and field level – to ensure maximal quality and production optimization.

A system delivered by PlantVision gives you a powerful solution ensuring quality and availability that helps you achieve key success factors such as:

  • Systems for optimizing project engineering– Efficient tools for design, data management, and accessibility optimize both delivery and implementation times.
  • Virtual testing and training – Simulation software lets you test process systemization and monitoring functions before they are implemented.
  • Proven, quality-assured project model – Reliable processes and a transparent workflow throughout the entire production process allow simple and flexible adaptation to individual needs.
  • Standardization – Interface issues are simplified and reduced, maximizing time and cost savings throughout the entire lifecycle of the system.

By choosing to implement a well-integrated system solution, customers experience important benefits that result in stability and added value in production.

  • Increased availability – A stable system solution increases process availability.
  • Shorter setup and lead times – A system with an integrated engineering platform and the possibility for effective virtual testing with the help of a digital twin leads to shorter lead times and reduced downtime.
  • Greater flexibility – A well-integrated system solution makes it quicker and simpler to carry out changes and expansion programs.
  • Improved quality – A stable system solution helps to ensure continuous operation of the facility and a reliable flow of data.
  • Simple system management and administration – A well-integrated system solution simplifies system management over its entire lifecycle.


Niclas Svensson
Niclas SvenssonSenior Consultant, Manufacturing Automation
Tel: +46 (0)705 64 44 36
Marcus Lundmark
Marcus LundmarkConsultant, Manufacturing Automation
Tel: +46 (0)8 568 595 21
Users can view the entire system in real time from their own office. It saves an enormous amount of time since they no longer need to physically visit each production area to retrieve data.
Dan Seidegård, Q-Med (now Galderma)
We have gained a very user-friendly system, which is both flexible and expandable. We now have completely new possibilities for optimizing different processes.
Torbjörn Wikman, Forsmark nuclear power plant
As Project Leader you want to move forward quickly. But they have the strength to stop, reflect on the situation and motivate actions needed to ensure quality.
Harald Schneider, Imanet
Due to the uniform COMOS data platform, we succeeded in significantly reducing the project lead times, lowering the error rate and thus increasing quality, and improving the plant documentation.
Engineering Manager, Pharmaceuticals production
They fulfil the very high demands we place on our consultants, both in terms of competency and personal qualities.
Said Diarbakerli, Regulatory Compliance Officer, AstraZeneca



Siemens is a global technology supplier supporting manufacturing companies with their transformation towards the “Digital Enterprise”. PlantVision is a Siemens Solution Partner within Industrial Automation and Industry Software Solutions.

Our long-standing partnership with Siemens means we can support you with a comprehensive offering, covering automation technology, integrated engineering and asset management (Siemens COMOS) and production digitalization solutions.

We provide a digital twin (using the SIMIT simulation platform for the process part of the twin) to extend the value of our SIMATIC PCS7 deliveries. We can also use Plant Automation Accelerator or COMOS to enhance the virtual plant. With tools such as COMOS Walkinside (3D engineering and visualization software) and XHQ (operations intelligence software) we help you to continuously improve the performance of your enterprise.



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