Laboratory Workflow

Take control and simplify your laboratory workflows, while ensuring the accuracy and consistency of your data and results.

Remaining in control of your procedures and data is a prerequisite in regulated environments. 46% of FDA observations are related to written procedures. Failing an audit can be very costly!

Are you in control of your laboratory workflows?

By eliminating paper-based methods and automating laboratory procedures you can streamline your workflows. You also gain confidence that your analysts consistently follow correct procedures and you improve data reliability.

Quality control/quality assurance laboratories continuously refine worksheets and standard operating procedures (SOPs) to maintain control over their processes over time. Some of the challenges of a paper-based laboratory documentation system include:

  • Inadvertent transcription errors
  • Procedural errors or deviations from SOP
  • Manual calculation errors
  • Illegibility (inability to re-read the data correctly)
  • Omissions of data or supplemental information
  • Loss or destruction of batch documentation
  • Slow feedback – meaning actions and decisions are delayed

We provide you with means to execute your laboratory processes in a controlled environment:

  • A procedural electronic lab notebook enables structured lab execution with individual analyst tracking and full documents/usage audit trail. Full process history of all executed steps and their status is available at any time.
  • Workflow and methods – Transformation of paper/digital SOPs into electronic methods streamlines process execution. Each SOP can be broken down into multiple Lab Methods comprising logical steps that lead users through a procedure. By using clear and well formatted instructions, combined with illustrations, proper analytical techniques can be setup which are easy to follow.
  • Automated calculations can be built into the worksheets ensuring consistent and accurate results every time.
  • Safety – Hazard warnings embedded into the lab method remind analysts of necessary safety procedures.
  • Reporting – Easy tools for designing internal reports and customer-specific reports.
  • Approval of results – The review and approval process is easily managed and controlled.
  • Review by exception – Deviations and out of specification steps are flagged for fast procedural review.

Streamlining your laboratory workflows with the support of PlantVision will help you achieve some major benefits:

  • Eliminate the “arts and crafts” of cutting & pasting electronic records (e.g. balance printouts) into a paper lab notebook.
  • Guide scientists through complex, labor-intensive or infrequent activities using a step-wise approach.
  • Guide technicians through activities to ensure SOPs are followed.
  • Enhance quality – Improve consistency and accuracy by reducing analyst errors.
  • Easy accessibility of data for quick decision making.
  • Improved turnaround times.
  • Overall cost savings due to effectivization of workflows and approval process.
A LIMS solution is essential if you want to turn your operations into a SMART Lab

Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™ can be seamlessly integrated with Thermo Scientific’s Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) and Laboratory Execution System to form a powerful and easy to use platform solution that will help drive the future profitability of your lab.

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Roger Svedberg
Roger SvedbergSenior Consultant
Tel +46 (0)8-568 595 53
Anders Törnqvist
Anders TörnqvistSenior Consultant
Tel: +46 (0)70 242 83 38

We are pleased with the customized LIMS system and the support from PlantVision both during development project and drift phase. PlantVison has supported our project with skillful and engaged specialists.

Bernadeta Losy, QA Manager, SGS DNA, Köping
PlantVision understand both our and our customers’ operations. We can rely on them to deliver smart and user-friendly solutions.
Britt Rahm, Lantmännen Analycen
Before, we were forced to enter lab results at a specific time. Now, we enter results when it suits us. It is also easier to view results, and for relevant parties to examine and comment on them.
Anja Andersson, Nynäs Petroleum


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader serving the global science community. The company’s integrated informatics solutions help customers to drive productivity, ensure compliance, streamline processes, and improve organizational efficiency.

Together with Thermo Fisher Scientific we offer a complete suite of integrated solutions, including Thermo ScientificSampleManager LIMS™, the world’s most widely deployed LIMS (laboratory information management system).

SampleManager LIMS includes fully integrated solutions for procedural Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (procedural ELNs) or Laboratory Execution Systems (LES). This enables you to manage your complete laboratory workflow without needing to purchase, integrate or validate additional software. Methods and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be executed from any web browser or a tablet.


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