Laboratory Management

Manage your laboratory resources effectively and improve the performance of your lab.

To remain compliant, companies are required to run their laboratory operations in an efficient and quality-minded manner.

Effective management of workloads and resources is the key to improving efficiency and productivity across your business.

A modern laboratory management system supports the everyday planning, organizing, leading and controlling of tasks and ensures compliance with regulations.

Some of the key challenges faced by a laboratory manager include:

  • Planning and managing daily workloads, ad-hoc sample testing and routine sampling, together with long-term stability or research studies. Additionally, there is typically a need to re-prioritize on-going tasks on a regular basis.
  • Out of stock raw materials or non-availability of overbooked resources (e.g. lack of trained technicians or specific lab instruments), which leads to bottlenecks and production downtime.
  • Inadvertent use of uncalibrated equipment, expired chemicals or wrong vessels, leading to additional costs in terms of scrapped materials or time lost for administrating deviations.
  • Losing time searching for necessary information needed to perform daily work without the proper tools or to manually generate reports, both potentially resulting in loss of employee motivation.

By automating operations, your laboratory can reduce paperwork, increase efficiency and throughput, and facilitate regulatory compliance. Key success factors we help you to achieve, include:

  • Sample handling – Ensure streamlined reception of samples, test assignment and sample tracking.
  • Resource planning — Optimize use of instruments and personnel. Prioritize samples and workloads and maximize workflows.
  • Training records – Ensure only qualified analysts run approved methods using in-service instruments.
  • Instrument management – Minimize downtime by keeping track of instrument calibration and servicing.
  • Stocks and suppliers – Keep track of your inventory. Manage suppliers to drive quality and improve invoicing.
  • Reporting – Ensure data is easily accessible for generating internal and customer reports, and during audits.
  • Data visualization – Visualization tools to monitor and measure performance against key metrics for faster, better-informed business decisions.
An integrated laboratory management solution can help you to achieve important benefits, including:

  • Simplified laboratory management
  • Compliance across all workflow steps (fulfilled ISO 17025)
  • Increased efficiency and throughput
  • More motivated laboratory personnel
  • Cost reductions across your operations
A LIMS solution is essential if you want to turn your operations into a SMART Lab

Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™ can be seamlessly integrated with Thermo Scientific’s Scientific Data Management System (SDMS) and Laboratory Execution System to form a powerful and easy to use platform solution that will help drive the future profitability of your lab.

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Roger Svedberg
Roger SvedbergSenior Consultant
Tel +46 (0)8-568 595 53
Anders Törnqvist
Anders TörnqvistSenior Consultant
Tel: +46 (0)70 242 83 38

We are pleased with the customized LIMS system and the support from PlantVision both during development project and drift phase. PlantVison has supported our project with skillful and engaged specialists.

Bernadeta Losy, QA Manager, SGS DNA, Köping
PlantVision understand both our and our customers’ operations. We can rely on them to deliver smart and user-friendly solutions.
Britt Rahm, Lantmännen Analycen
Before, we were forced to enter lab results at a specific time. Now, we enter results when it suits us. It is also easier to view results, and for relevant parties to examine and comment on them.
Anja Andersson, Nynäs Petroleum


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader serving the global science community. The company’s integrated informatics solutions help customers to drive productivity, ensure compliance, streamline processes, and improve organizational efficiency.

Together with Thermo Fisher Scientific we offer a complete suite of integrated solutions, including Thermo ScientificSampleManager LIMS™, the world’s most widely deployed LIMS (laboratory information management system).

SampleManager LIMS supports both regulated and non-regulated industries, including pharmaceutical QA/QC, oil and gas, chemicals, water and environmental, food safety and contract labs.

We can help you to increase productivity and improve the agility and responsiveness of your lab with the support of advanced tools and a powerful user-interface that improve laboratory process mapping, management and automation.


Siemens is a global technology supplier supporting manufacturing companies with their transformation towards the “Digital Enterprise”. PlantVision is a Siemens Solution Partner within Industrial Automation and Industry Software Solutions.

We can help you to further optimize product release efficiency and extend product security with the support of world-leading Advanced Planning & Scheduling software – Siemens Opcenter APS.

Integrating your ERP and LIMS with an Advanced Scheduling solution enables cross-functional access to real-time information, minimizes manual data entry and planning, shortens lead times and reduces costs.

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