Centralize and secure your laboratory data while providing seamless access and ensuring long-term preservation.

Modern laboratories handle huge volumes of data. This information is usually dispersed across several local workstations and kept in different file formats.

Quick and easy access to information is crucial for smooth laboratory operation and efficient decision making at all levels within the organization. Without easy access to your data, you risk duplicating work or losing valuable time retrieving and checking information.

Staying in control of all your data is also a regulatory requirement and the penalties for improper maintenance of records can be very severe.

Some of the most common challenges for running an effective laboratory include poor accessibility of data across departments/sites and poor support for data analytics.

Raw data is produced by disconnected instruments within many labs. Searching for, extracting and sharing data becomes more and more time consuming.

Advanced data analytics is a challenge when information is stored in multiple disparate formats. At the same time, retrieval of historical data becomes almost impossible.

The quality of dispersed raw data is also difficult to control. Manual data manipulation and translation are prone to human errors. Data integrity is compromised when raw data is lost or deleted.

A centralized information platform enables not only effortless access to the data you need today but also secures the data for future retrieval. Key success factors we help you achieve include:

  • Data quality and integrity – Automatic capture of data from instruments and business applications guarantees that data is not lost. Manual data transcription is eliminated, reducing risk of errors.
  • Easy data retrieval – Built-in file converter allows authorized users to retrieve and display specific data files in a common format – from any computer or browser. Users can securely share, compare, search, query and reuse raw instrument and document data across your organization.
  • Long-term data preservation – Original raw data files from the instruments are archived along with a standardized representation in XML.

By choosing to implement an integrated laboratory information platform, you can experience important benefits, including:

  • ALL data and information is under your control and ready for long-term preservation.
  • Built-in quality ensures data integrity.
  • Data accessibility through a common interface – Elimination of duplicate searches saves time and personnel costs.
  • Decision making is faster and better informed.
  • Your laboratory efficiency, productivity, consistency and quality are improved while costs are reduced.


Jolanta Szymczakowska
Jolanta SzymczakowskaSenior Consultant
Tel: +46 (0)707 58 83 95
Anders Törnqvist
Anders TörnqvistSenior Consultant
Tel: +46 (0)70 242 83 38

We are pleased with the customized LIMS system and the support from PlantVision both during development project and drift phase. PlantVison has supported our project with skillful and engaged specialists.

Bernadeta Losy, QA Manager, SGS DNA, Köping
PlantVision understand both our and our customers’ operations. We can rely on them to deliver smart and user-friendly solutions.
Britt Rahm, Lantmännen Analycen
Before, we were forced to enter lab results at a specific time. Now, we enter results when it suits us. It is also easier to view results, and for relevant parties to examine and comment on them.
Anja Andersson, Nynäs Petroleum




Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific is the world leader serving the global science community. The company’s integrated informatics solutions help customers to drive productivity, ensure compliance, streamline processes, and improve organizational efficiency.

Together with Thermo Fisher Scientific we offer a complete suite of integrated solutions, including Thermo ScientificData Manager™, a powerful tool for capturing and managing data from analytical instruments and business applications. For example, instrument output files, certificates of analysis and reports, product specifications, standard operating procedures (SOPs), supplier records, training records, validation records, patient records, photographs and images, process control logs and much more.

With Data Manager, all your laboratory documents and instrument protocols are converted into a structured format, and easily embedded in your database. The software is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11.

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