AstraZeneca’s tablet manufacturing plant in Södertälje, Sweden is one of the largest in the world, responsible for the global supply of six of the company’s top ten products.

Data used to be collected by hand from the various production units and manually entered into spreadsheets. The information could only be interpreted at a high level since handling the large data volumes required for more in depth analysis proved to be unmanageable.


To take full advantage of the vast amounts of production data available in order to improve production performance, drive lean initiatives and enable faster decision support.


PlantVision helped AstraZeneca to develop, implement and optimize a real-time performance management and decision support solution (based on PlantVision’s PlantPerformance).

  • The system collects and logs production-related data from over 200 diverse individual machine units and more than 100 analysis instruments.
  • Managers, operators, lean coordinators, and maintenance staff all have access to the same comprehensive central database of real-time and historical data.
  • Results are visualized in a user-friendly graphical format making them quick and easy to understand and use. Information can be viewed on any level, making it possible to drill down from an overview level to uncover root cause with a few simple clicks.
  • Each production unit uses large screen LCD monitors to provide employees with visual, real-time feed-back about production status and events.


  • Capacity utilization improved > 10% within first 12 months of operation.
  • Number of machines across production lines reduced without affecting production volumes.
  • Reduced machine support and maintenance requirements.
  • Almost 100% of production time is now logged (including the reasons for stoppages where they occur). Day-to-day productivity has improved as problems are now dealt with as soon as they arise.
  • Ability to identify trends and follow up improvement programs. Can identify areas of best practice and implement them across all production units.

”We have gained an easily understandable tool for following up and evaluating diverse aspects of production.”

Mikael Eriksson, Production Manager, AstraZeneca

”Now, we can get exact details about machine availability at various levels, from a single machine to the whole plant.”

Gunilla Wagner, Production Technician, AstraZeneca