Every company, large or small, is driven by information. Information is one of your most important assets. Access to information and how it is transformed, used and shared impacts your bottom line. It is the starting point for every new project, every improvement and innovation.
PlantPerformance helps you turn production data into business value by utilizing data from processes, products, and operators, so you can produce more, at the right quality, using less resources.

Decision support and continuous improvement

PlantPerformance is a powerful information and decision support solution for improving productivity and efficiency in the process and manufacturing industries.

With PlantPerformance, you can gather, aggregate, visualize, monitor, comment on, and analyze production data in real time. It gives you all the tools needed to achieve continuous improvement and improve your key performance indicators (KPIs) such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

It is a modular and flexible solution that can be adapted to your needs – whether you are a small production unit or a global company.

Benefits for your organization

PlantPerformance gives you full control over your production. Production information is visualized in real time together with fast and simple data analysis in all situations. PlantPerformance gives you the power to change and improve production operations and to add value to your company’s bottom line.

  • Increase efficiency – Run equipment more efficiently, improve availability, lower costs, and shorten lead times.
  • Improve production flexibility – Understand connections between different machines and production groups. Take advantage of the improvements and gains made in other areas of your operations.
  • Drive continuous improvement – Give users the tools and control to drive continuous improvement by delivering the right information to the right user at the right time.
  • Increase motivation – Present visualized information to everyone. Motivate your team by visualizing progress and improvements.
  • Compare and improve – Compare production data across time periods (shifts) and across objects (machines) so that you can identify and implement best practices.
  • Reduce quality costs – Improve quality levels while reducing rejection rates and reworking by combining production and quality information.
  • Reduce repair costs – Reduce repair costs with the help of preventive maintenance.

Daily overview, e.g. for shift handover meeting, configured to support company objectives.

Reporting of times comparing planned production to actual production per process step on a production line. This view also displays the share of production that makes use of a specific material.

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