Ensuring the ongoing reliability of business-critical systems.


A ‘local’ laboratory system at one of Sweden’s leading pharmaceutical companies processes over 10 000 sample analyses every day.

The IT department does not have enough time or available resources to perform periodic reviews of the system.


  • The system is critical for the activity of the laboratory department and needs to be up and running 24/7.
  • Laboratory personnel do not have the technical skills or time to uncover any upcoming problems.
  • There is no system management in place and the lifecycle documentation is out of date.
  • Many recurrent issues remain unresolved.


PlantVision helped the customer to perform a ‘health check’ of the system in order to identify all important issues requiring attention, which were then prioritized and resolved.

A routine for an annual system health check was established to ensure the long-term reliability of the system.


The customer benefited from regular access to dedicated and committed system specialists to ensure their system continued to run smoothly and reliably. This provided them with security in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Some specific achievements included:

  • Data storage was extended in time before the hard drive reached 100% of its capacity.
  • A patch release from the system supplier was installed, which helped to resolve a number of minor issues and brought the system up to date.
  • The database has been optimized as it has grown over time, which has reduced system response times.
  • The backup and restore strategy was reconfigured and tested (replacing the previous unreliable version).
  • A new health check report is provided as part of every periodic review system report, and is registered as part of the system documentation.
  • New incident and change management methods and procedures have been introduced as part of the preventive maintenance for the system.
Fredrik Arrigucci
Fredrik ArrigucciBusiness Area Manager, Laboratory Management
Tel: +46 (0)70 381 78 99

What is a System Health Check?

A system health check is a cost-effective way to review the reliability of your system. It is carried out by a system specialist on a regularly basis.

The regularity and scope of the health check is planned together with the customer. Every health check is followed up with a status report and recommendations from our specialist.

Who can benefit from a System Health Check?

System health checks are especially beneficial in situations where your IT department lacks time, resources or system knowledge. It is also suitable in cases where system management and organization are not in place.