The Company

Glamox Production Germany is part of the Glamox Group – a global supplier of professional lighting solutions and the leading supplier to the world’s marine and offshore markets.

The Challange

A complex production environment was making it difficult to predict and meet delivery deadlines. There was a risk of losing orders. Glamox Production Germany needed to find a way to improve its customer responsiveness.

The company decided to focus on planning and scheduling at its two sites – Bremen and Teterow, 340 km apart by road. The Bremen site carries out metal treatment with daily deliveries to Teterow, where final product assembly takes place. A number of other suppliers and sub-contractors are also included within the routing for different products.

The Goal

To improve planning efficiency and accuracy, with two overriding objectives:

(1) improve delivery precision; and

(2) shorten response times for customer order inquiries.

The Journey

PlantVision and Glamox Production Germany approached the project in close partnership. This included a study visit to see the proposed Preactor Advanced Planning and Scheduling solution in a real-life production environment.

Proof of concept was carried out in two phases at the Bremen site. In the first phase, ‘use cases’ were carried out to verify Preactor’s usability for planners and other users. The second phase established that the solution could be integrated with the company’s ERP system (Baan).

This approach also helped to ensure a short project delivery time. Preactor was configured to model Glamox’s operations and integrated with ERP. Changes to working methods were also introduced, including the coordination of activities between purchasing, production and marketing.

The Results

  • Faster response times to customer order enquiries (from several days to one day for complex products).
  • More efficient, centralized approach. A new central planning function covers both sites.
  • Increased visibility and flexibility. Closer coordination with purchasing means planners can clearly see the effect of materials on delivery dates. Preactor also enables sharing the plan within the organization for analysis of bottlenecks and feedback on how to improve.
  • Greater possibilities for improvement. The new system provides more insight into how the supply chain functions, including the role of suppliers and sub-contractors. Planners can see capacity usage and where bottlenecks exist. They can identify the areas that work well and those that need improvement, enabling lead times to be continually improved.

“Our whole production process is now much more transparent – from ERP down to the shop floor. We can easily identify bottlenecks and can see where we need to modify and improve processes. We can also respond more quickly to order enquiries – especially for complex products.”

Sven Goltermann, Logistics Manager & Project Leader, Glamox Production Germany

“PlantVision were always responsive and open-minded to our ideas. They found workable solutions to each of our requests – even when that meant going outside of Preactor. They also managed to implement the system and get it up and running extremely quickly.”

Paul Düver, Planning Manager, Glamox Production Germany


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