Top performers of Sales & Operations Planning are able to realize…

  • 2-4% sales growth increase
  • 5-10% cost reduction
  • 20-30% working capital improvement (inventory reduction)


To emulate top performers, companies need to overcome planning limitations. Many companies have a well-defined S&OP process, however, it is often a manual process that is very time consuming.

  • Data is stored in ERP and spreadsheets
  • No ability to carry out “What if” scenario planning
  • Limited ability to co-operate with colleagues and across departments
  • Little support for the organization’s long-term strategy


An ideal solution supporting Sales & Operations planning needs to provide…

  • Long-term view of demand, capacities and outages
  • Improved coverage of all customer demand, leading to higher customer service levels
  • Proactive identification of oversold capacity and inventory problems
  • Quick schedule regeneration


A successful solution will provide you with the optimal combination of insights, capabilities and support to achieve your goals and deliver sustainable value.

“What if” capabilities combining both demand and supply, and taking into account existing capacity and production rules.

Visualize production information.

Visualize purchasing and stock information.

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