Digitalization has changed the lab as we know it. From the amount of data made available from digital analysis tools; to the impressive level of process automation; to the way we can instantly share data with collaborative partners as we work towards the next big breakthrough.

The digital dilemma

While digitalization offers boundless opportunities, it also brings with it considerable challenges. Patients are hooked up to machines providing valuable real-time data – but this is highly sensitive information that must be protected according to international and local regulations. Connected pipettes provide vital sample data, but how do you make sure it’s correctly filtered and that only the right data reaches the right channels in the lab ecosystem? And with so much data being produced by so many connected systems, data overload can become your biggest nightmare. Suddenly, you can long for the days when you recorded everything in a logbook and you had your entire research team in the same room.

Answering the difficult transformation questions

Thankfully, there are modern laboratory solutions available that are designed to help you take full advantage of all the technology and data available – whether it’s in the cloud, on-prem, or in the lab.

In a digitalized lab, data can be securely shared with resources across an organization or beyond it – helping to bring new partners, teams and third-party data sources into play so you can take the next evolutionary step in product development or quality control.

By introducing new levels of automation, you can simplify lab processes and speed up time-to-market. A smart lab can even empower the rest of your operations by providing vital data for procurement, sales, and compliance departments.

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Start small or go big

Of course, the biggest gains come from highly connected systems. But that doesn’t mean you have to start big. A smart lab can begin small, enabling you to take advantage of quick wins. More equipment, data and systems can be integrated over time according to your organization’s growth and needs.

Do you want to start by simplifying lab processes or ensuring accurate and consistent quality? Or perhaps you’d rather concentrate on automating ordering or enabling external collaboration? With a stepwise approach and the help of an expert partner you can easily define your goals and ensure they are realized as early as possible.

A modern laboratory management approach can deliver everything you need in the form a powerful and easy to use platform solution that helps drive the future productivity and profitability of your lab.

A system for the future

In a fast-moving industry, such as ours, not keeping up with technology can cost you a competitive advantage, even if you have the most talented team around. If they’re spending valuable time doing repetitive tasks that an automated system could do instantly, their skills are going to waste.

Implementing a modern laboratory management system means you get a state-of-the-art solution today, and a state-of-the-art solution tomorrow. With future innovation taken care of, and with an expert partner to ensure smooth implementation, you and your staff can focus on your core activities – whether that is ensuring 24/7 production quality or developing the next new breakthrough product.

Dela, välj din plattform!