Management Support for Life Science companies in transition.

In a move to broaden its strategic support for Life Science customers, PlantVision now provides strategic management services focused on delivering Expertise in Execution for Operational Excellence.

“Small and medium sized enterprises are always in a state of change,” explains Raf Lemmens, Senior Business Consultant at PlantVision. “This is particularly true in the world of Life Science, where different regulatory requirements, market pressures and stakeholder interests all require a particular approach.”

PlantVision has strong core competencies within product development, industrialization, manufacturing and compliance, together with deep industry understanding in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and biotechnology.

Based on extensive experience, working to solve diverse strategic questions for many different companies, PlantVision now brings its expertise to the execution of organizational change leading to operational excellence.

“Whether it’s about creating acceptance for a new way of thinking around quality, driving the implementation of modern manufacturing technologies, or transitioning an organization from R&D focus to product focus, PlantVision’s Business Consultants can support a customer’s management team in the development of clear strategies, as well as their effective execution,” adds Raf Lemmens.

Raf Lemmens
Raf LemmensSenior Business Consultant
Tel. +46 (0)8 50 30 45 66

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