PlantVision is selected as Oatly’s partner to implement Thermo Scientific™ SampleManager LIMS™ at Oatly, a global provider of plant-based products. The system will bring new levels of collaboration and efficiency to Oatly’s production labs around the world.

Oatly has chosen PlantVision as its partner to digitalize the quality control processes at all its production sites around the world. Through this collaboration, laboratories at every Oatly production site will be supported by Thermo Scientific SampleManager Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS), delivered by PlantVision. With the solution in place, staff will be able to make faster decisions based on relevant and centralized lab data, which will ultimately deliver improved efficiency and collaboration in a secure data environment.

”We are very proud to have been selected as Oatly’s partner in their digital journey,” says Anders Jernberg, Account Manager at PlantVision. “It’s very motivating to partner with a client like Oatly in respect of their role in transforming the food industry and the shift towards more plant-based diets. As leading LIMS experts, I’m convinced we can deliver considerable benefits to Oatly, both short-term and over the long-term as their operations continue to grow. Now, we are very eager to get started!”

The first phase of the implementation applies to three production sites and, in accordance with planned expansion, the solution will handle the quality control processes at all production sites by the end of 2023.

“We are looking forward to a successful collaboration with Oatly and contributing to their amazing journey which is revolutionizing the food industry,” says Fredrik Arrigucci, PlantVision Business Area Manager. “At the same time, we are now strengthening our position in the Food and Beverage industry, which is centralized here in the Öresund region. We expect this to be the next big growth market for us, in the same way that Life Sciences have been.”

“We’re looking forward to partnering with PlantVision and using their expertise to implement our LIMS. It’s a really important step in Oatly’s digitalization journey, in all our production facilities around the world, as we look to support our growth with improved efficiency, collaboration and security,” says Fredrik Frimodig, CIO & EVP Business Technology, Oatly.

For more information, contact Anders Jernberg, Account Manager at PlantVision.

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