New product introductions are particularly challenging for start-up and small research-intensive companies.

As one of our customers found out, it requires a major change in company culture as well as operations to go from an innovation-based biotech organization to being a product manufacturing organization.

The company was already manually producing an in vitro diagnostic kit on a small scale. The plan was to invest in personnel, equipment and facilities in order to enable larger scale, automated production and launch the product globally.

While the main requirements were well defined, a number of other, subtler challenges had been overlooked. The interdependence of activities, lack of risk assessment, various functions unprepared for their role in tech-transfer, and a prevailing research-focused culture combined to threatened the success of the project.

With the help of workshops with key individuals, PlantVision was able to help the company identify and control the critical success factors; what was in place, what wasn’t in place, what needed to be done. A detailed project plan was drawn up taking into account the interdependency of activities.

This approach made it possible to save both time and costs by identifying those activities that weren’t needed, as well as those that could be combined into a single action or carried out simultaneously.


  • Product approval and market launch as per time plan
  • Better project control
  • Clearly defined roles, responsibilities and deliverables
  • Reduced risk of adverse events and delays
  • New working methods and line organization anchored, accepted and embraced by entire company
  • Corrected workflow deficiencies and new structure for simplifying future tech-transfer projects