What do you do if you have 150 control systems in a regulated environment that all need upgrading? Product and reserve part support has expired and you’re running the risk of costly production stoppages.

Upgrading all the systems would mean an upgrade program with over 100 projects. Achieving 7 upgrade projects a year would mean a program lead time of about 20 years, with a total cost (estimating an average project cost of 1.5 MSEK) of over 150 MSEK.

Surely, there must be another way?

This was the situation facing one of our customers. The solution was to help them maximize the amount of work not done.

Carrying out a pre-study using an agile, risk-management approach we were able to help them develop, verify and initiate a long-term sustainable concept for upgrading control systems, while ensuring skills and reserve part support were in place where they were most needed.

It provided the customer with a cost-effective method to tackle the challenge resulting in:

  • Secured long-term production with reduced risk of extended stoppages.
  • Significantly reduced implementation costs, time and resources – since program scope could be reduced in a controlled manner and continuous learning built in.
  • Synergy benefits by establishing a common framework for all system administration, validation and upgrades.
  • Built-in training and key skills secured for the customer.
  • The ability to re-prioritize as needed.
  • Cost of avoidance in the range of +100 MSEK.