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Are you ready for change?

The medical device regulation (MDR) has now entered into force and will apply from May 2021. Since this is a regulation and not a directive it will be part of the local regulation in all member states. Transitioning to MDR will be challenging. If you have not initiated work yet, or are still in the early stages, we can help you to take a major step forward.

At PlantVision we have extensive experience working with all areas of regulatory compliance. We offer a range of flexible MDR support services including workshops, seminars, gap analysis, transition planning, continuous support and training.


Get things moving in the right direction. Arrange a free TWO HOUR seminar & workshop with our MDR specialists.

We will come to your company and introduce you and your colleagues to the changes and challenges ahead. During the workshop part of the activity we will help you to identify the specific challenges your organization faces as it transitions to MDR.

What you will learn

  • An introduction to Medical Device Regulation
  • Similarities and differences between MDD and MDR
  • The main changes ahead, including what you need to cover in your technical documentation
  • How to prepare for the implementation date in 2021
  • Identifying the main challenges that your company is facing

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Cecilia Fällman
Product Manager Compliance Excellence

Please send me an email with your contact information (name, job title, company, tel nr.) and someone from our MDR team will get in touch to arrange a time and a place for your seminar/workshop.

It is helpful if you can also provide some brief background information about your company and current situation.

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