Successful companies grow. They add new production lines, build new facilities and acquire competitors.

That’s all good isn’t it?

Well, now, you’ve also got problems. You’re running multisite operations and each has its own island of systems and solutions for collecting, managing and using data.

Program licensing and maintenance costs are high. Each site has its own arbitrary approach to optimizing production. Locating the source of data errors is time consuming and disruptions to production mean increased costs and missed revenue.

The solution is to introduce a common approach to operational intelligence.

However, migrating disparate systems to a common information management platform is not an easy journey. It requires that you start with insight, a clear sense of vision and stakeholder buy-in.

Achieving sustainable value comes from a consistent approach as part of a step-wise iterative process where each step is focused on delivering value.

What can you expect?

  • A common approach to planning, reporting and optimizing production
  • Reduced system administration and maintenance costs
  • Lower licensing costs
  • Quicker and less expensive integration of new systems
  • Greater opportunities to streamline training, harmonize processes and optimize operations
  • An invaluable tool to help management compare operations across sites and improve key strategic business decisions