Instigating change without INSIGHT is like crossing an ocean without a navigational chart. You set off in the right direction; the rest you trust to hope.

With INSIGHT you are able to uncover, prioritize and anchor your business opportunities, innovations and challenges.

It enables you to define what success looks like; reveal what it will take to achieve; identify who is needed; and describe how they should go about things.

It goes beyond simply identifying the critical factors for success and reveals how those factors relate to, and impact, one another. This information is usually overlooked with traditional approaches, but it is essential if your change program is to generate maximum sustainable value.

Workshops are an effective tool for generating INSIGHT. By combining practical exercises, theory and coaching, they provide a visual and interactive experience for key stakeholders. You engaged your team through stimulating and rewarding multidisciplinary exercises, bringing individuals closer together and unifying everyone around a shared vision for success.

Beginning change with INSIGHT delivers:

  • Confidence that you are prioritizing the right investments and changes – those that will achieve your goals and deliver maximum sustainable value.
  • A complete overview and roadmap for change – connecting your goals with the desired effects, the changes to be implemented, and the benefits that will be realized.
  • Committed and engaged stakeholders – united by a shared vision and motivated by a sense of ownership.

“The workshop with PlantVision was extremely useful. It not only enabled us to systematically compare and prioritize diverse ideas and opinions, but also to identify who should be responsible for what going forwards.”

Eigil Dåbakk, CEO, Molab AS

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