Free analysis and improvements for YOUR production

Free analysis and improvements for YOUR production

Today, all manufacturing companies are under pressure to produce more efficiently and shorten customer delivery times, in order to achieve growth and stay competitive.

A planning solution where orders can be planned according to actual capacity on the production floor provides greater transparency and the possibility for rapid adjustments when needed.

Many companies lack a good solution for their production planning. Instead, they rely on Excel, or their business system, which make it difficult to get an overall picture for balancing demand, materials and capacity. Priorities are instead based on guesswork and the experience of individuals, which means that the most efficient production schedule is seldom achieved.

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Let us help your company achieve more effective production planning!

Who you are…

This offer is primarily aimed at those who work with production planning or production management. You likely work in the engineering industry, Life Science, the food industry or Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG).

What you get…

You get a free analysis where our experts review your production planning process and identify what you can do to plan more effectively.

Experts in Supply Chain and Production Planning help you identify measures that can take you from a time-consuming planning process with poor transparency to a planning process that takes into account actual capacity and provides a better overview of material consumption and resources.

What is included…

  • Pre-workshop questionnaire *
  • Two-hour online workshop/analysis of your production planning where our experts provide new insights and help you identify opportunities for improvement
  • Follow-up feedback, including specific proposals for YOUR production

Book your free analysis/workshop today…

Get time with our experts + feedback and suggestions for YOUR production! *

* We review all preparation questionnaires to make sure that an analysis/workshop is in the best interest of both parties and we reserve the right to decline workshop requests when we deem this not to be the case.​


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