IMPLEMENT change utilizing high-performance teams and best practice

We help you minimize your time to ROI through project management best practices that focus on value generation. We are specialists in utilizing and integrating diverse services and skills, including IT infrastructure, systems integration, engineering, quality assurance and employee training. We can work according to your organization’s project delivery model and quality management system (QMS) or use our own well-proven versions. In addition to experienced project managers, we also offer technical lead engineers, experts and sub-project consultants with specialized capabilities.

Design, Develop, Test

  • Focus on value generation, agile task management and quality.
  • Plan, develop and test a set of deliverables to deliver required results (now and in the future).
  • Agree on ownership, roles and responsibilities, delivery model and QMS.


  • Deploy your deliverables in an iterative and systematic way.
  • Use risk-based management to optimize resource usage and efficiency.
  • Track progression and close deliverables according to ‘done’ definition.

Knowledge & Training

  • Approve and communicate business rules and procedures.
  • Motivate and train employees to ensure a smooth transition to the operational phase.
  • Enable learning, develop talent and promote knowledge sharing.

Quality Management System

A consistent approach to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Goals & Structure

  • Monitor quality performance and identify and implement improvements.
  • Cover company processes, e.g. organisation, management, risk management, planning and execution.
  • Include processes and procedures of activities to be performed and documents to be prepared.

Procedures & Standards

  • Manage controlling documents, e.g. policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Ensure consistency by using document templates.
  • Comply with standards and guidelines, e.g. ISO 9001, ICH Q10 and GAMP 5.

Quality Organization

  • Ensure activities are carried out and documents are prepared correctly.
  • Establish independent quality organisation for monitoring, control and quality assurance.
  • Assign accountability to an independent Quality Manager.

Project Delivery Model

A proven foundation for delivering sustainable value.

Goals & Expectations

  • Establish your goals and purpose.
  • Engage stakeholders and ensure commitment.
  • Agree and communicate expectations.

Standards & Best Practice

  • Provide flexibility and adaptability.
  • Build-in quality at every stage.
  • Commit to delivery through a structured approach.

Delivery & Closure

  • Deliver according to customer expectations.
  • Take charge of change control.
  • Assign ownership and empower the maintenance organization.

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