EXPLORE your opportunities, gain insights and establish purpose

We help you to uncover new opportunities, explore your options, connect goals with business strategy and create a vision for the future. By starting with a clear understanding of the situation, we help you to define challenges, opportunities and other essential insights to ensure the success of your change program. You gain a clear roadmap detailing desired effects, the changes to be implemented, and how benefits will be realized.

Goals & Opportunities

  • Identify opportunities, innovations and challenges.
  • Define your goals and create a vision of what your future will look like.
  • Be confident you are prioritizing the right investments and changes.

Insights & Expectations

  • Define the benefits to be achieved and understand how they can be realized.
  • Establish a common purpose within your organization and engage stakeholders.
  • Determine how success will be measured and where additional value can be realized.

Assessment & Roadmapping

  • Take a holistic approach encompassing people, processes and the entire life cycle of solutions.
  • Develop a complete roadmap for change, connecting solutions, effects and change to benefits, goals and investment drivers.
  • Create your business case, carry out pre-studies and develop prototypes.

Insight Workshop

Manage uncertainty, generate insights and create a roadmap for success.

Getting started

Whether your change project relates to an opportunity, a challenge, or an innovation, beginning with an INSIGHT workshop is an excellent way to start. We offer a visual approach to uncovering, prioritizing and anchoring ideas. Key stakeholders are engaged through fun and rewarding multidisciplinary exercises. The value of a positive and committed start-up should never be underestimated!

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What will an INSIGHT workshop give you?

  • Confidence that you are prioritizing the right investments and changes.
  • A complete overview and roadmap for change.
  • Committed and engaged stakeholders.
The workshop with PlantVision was extremely useful. It not only enabled us to systematically compare and prioritize diverse ideas and opinions, but also to identify who should be responsible for what going forwards.
Eigil Dåbakk, CEO, Molab AS

The most useful thing about the workshop with PlantVision was… A clear road map and guidance for making a decision and starting up the project.

Production Manager

The most useful thing about the workshop with PlantVision was… My own understanding of the problem and how ‘the solution’ was developed.

Plant Manager

The most useful thing about the workshop with PlantVision was… Gathering colleagues to discuss an important future project – consensus.

Quality & Environmental Manager


Know that your change program will succeed before it even starts!

Preparing for success

An effective pre-study goes beyond simply identifying the critical factors for success. It also reveals how those factors relate to, and impact, one another. This information is often overlooked with traditional approaches.

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What will a pre-study give you?

  • A structured assessment of your change proposal.
  • Deeper insights to support decision making.
  • A unified team with a shared vision.

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