When you’re running a successful contract services business, things move fast. Operations grow, facilities expand, people and equipment are added.

Before you know it, your lab-based IT system has grown into something of a monster, demanding to be fed with ever more time and resources.

This was the situation experienced by one of our customers who faced a mounting list of challenges. The IT infrastructure was not qualified and instruments were not validated. Instrument systems and lab PCs were running on a wide range of operating systems. Getting disaster & recovery support was expensive and complicated. Result files were being stored locally and needed manual backup.

What was needed was a new IT solution, adapted for a complex environment. As well as resolving the current issues it also needed to be able to support the company’s continued success.

Drawing on a combination of project excellence, experience of similar complex IT environments, technical skills and QA expertise, we were able to help the customer reclaim control of their lab IT.

  • A qualified IT infrastructure providing a basis for validating systems.
  • Lab PCs with different operating systems able to coexist in an office environment.
  • Secure communications between lab and office systems.
  • Secure remote and off-site access.
  • Automated storing and backup of electronic raw data.
  • Possibility to integrate LIMS and other systems that use instrument data.
  • Enabling flexibility and system evolution to meet growing business needs

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