A strong Life Science presence together with a modern mix of innovation, established industry and extensive support networks make the Öresund region one of Scandinavia’s most important and interesting industrial areas.

PlantVision has had a local presence in southern Sweden for many years. With extensive experience in Laboratory Management, the office in Malmö has served as an expert partner for our customers in the area of lab operations.

Fredrik Arrigucci, business developer and Business Area Manager for Laboratory Management, explains more. “We are seeing increased demand from customers throughout Sweden, but we have noticed that this is particularly the case in the Öresund region. Our vision is to gather the skills and expertise needed to meet current customer needs as well as to take advantage of additional market opportunities.”

The ability to build a strong team made up of many consultants with competencies across IT and laboratory operations will be key, believes Fredrik.

“We need different specializations in order to share knowledge, complement and learn from each other. It’s about building a strong team that together can perform and deliver solutions across more areas than any one individual.”

So, what is the overall goal? Fredrik envisions a successful future and believes that, within a few years, PlantVision will be one of the more well-known consulting companies in the region.

“We will strengthen our position not only with respect to laboratory operations, but also within industrial IT for the manufacturing sector. A lot is happening right now – technology is developing, industry is developing, and we are developing. It’s a great time to be a part of this journey.”

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Fredrik Arrigucci
Fredrik ArrigucciBusiness Area Manager, Laboratory Management
Tel: +46 (0)70 381 78 99

Read more about our offering for customers in the Öresund region »

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