F-Secure and PlantVision build cybersecurity into customers’ processes – helping customers with cybersecurity and compliance requirements, as well as prepare for NIS 2

19 april, 2021

The IT security company F-Secure and the consulting company PlantVision have entered into a collaboration. The collaboration is designed to help Life Science customers coordinate work on cybersecurity and compliance in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries. The need for joint expertise between F-Secure and PlantVision is particularly relevant in connection with the European Commission’s proposal to update the NIS Directive with both higher safety requirements and a larger scope that affects more industries (NIS 2), including pharmaceuticals and medical technology.

“As IT threats to Life Science companies become more frequent and more serious, and the requirements for compliance throughout the value chain become tougher, especially in connection with NIS 2, coordinated efforts are needed that focus on patient safety but also protect suppliers from major potential financial risks,” says Anna-Lena Mann at PlantVision. Cybersecurity must simply be built into customers’ processes.

The first NIS directive was adopted by the EU in 2016 and became national legislation in 2018. The aim is to create a high common level of security in important societal networks and information systems within the EU. Since then, a lot has happened in both cybersecurity and in societally important industries, including Life Science, and in December 2020, the European Commission proposed updating the directive. The updates will modernize the previous directive so that it is better adapted to current and future cybersecurity needs, and once the new directive has been adopted, industry will have 18 months to implement the changes.

“Life Science is a broad area that includes both pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, and unfortunately we see intensified IT attacks targeting companies in the industry,” says Ingrid Waldheim at F-Secure. “Like other compliance requirements in the industry, cybersecurity is a complex area that is constantly evolving, which means that our customers also need to continually develop in order to comply with requirements and remain resilient to cyber threats. Through the collaboration with PlantVision, we can offer coordinated expertise to help our customers with cybersecurity and compliance in the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry,” says Ingrid Waldheim at F-Secure.

F-Secure and PlantVision will offer workshops, events and training on what NIS 2 means and how companies should relate to it.

Together, the companies have over 50 years of experience in helping Life Science companies adapt their processes to the regulations that exist in cybersecurity as well as compliance and computerized systems for the pharmaceutical and medical technology industry.

Read more about F-Secure:
f-secure.com | twitter.com/fsecure | linkedin.com/f-Secure

For more information, please contact:
Björn Dahlgren, Northern Link PR för F-Secure
076 160 37 60

Cecilia Fällman, Deputy Business Area Manager, PlantVision Compliance
072 717 10 67

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