In 1995, four engineers, all versed in the elevator business, decided it was time to shake things up. Intent on creating smart, modern, economic lifts for homes and businesses, the four friends founded Aritco Lift AB (Aritco)—a company destined to take the elevator industry to the next level. Having since grown into a flourishing business, Aritco’s operations now occur in a 16,000 sqm factory in Stockholm, producing 4,000 elevators a year, which make their way into 40 different countries.

Having won several awards for their offerings, the team at Aritco realized they needed to overhaul their manufacturing processes. Much like the industry they had endeavored to shake up, how they manufactured, packaged, and shipped out their product was in need of an overhaul. With an understanding that implementing an MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) platform was the best path forward, the Aritco team reached out to Parsec Partner, PlantVision, who subsequently recommended and implemented TrakSYS.

”After the go-live of TrakSYS, we have seen improvements in several processes — such as warehouse management and order processing. While it is too early to verify our project KPIs for Incorrect Pick since the lead times from shipped delivery to customer can be several months, we have already seen less reported incorrect pick in-house which is a huge improvement! We also see that we have much better visibility of material shortages in-house and improved productivity, especially for spare part order assembly and picking.”

Jonas Sjödahl, Chief Operating Officer & Deputy CEO, Aritco


  • Increase order accuracy
  • Ensure all appropriate parts and components were included in a finished package
  • Optimize the quality of finished goods to reduce scrap and rework
  • Improve stock-take processes, including cycle counting and deviation reduction by 50%
  • Optimize inventory management
  • Replace morning meeting whiteboards and paper with TrakSYS dashboards and reports
  • Increase on-time and in-full orders to 98%


  • Lack of shop floor visibility resulted in incomplete orders being sent out, which impacted customer satisfaction and would require Aritco to spend more money to ship out the missing components.
  • Without a real-time inventory management solution, identifying the quantities of in-stock items was difficult and would eventually lead to production shutdowns when assumed inventory levels met with actual inventory levels.
  • Lack of insight and visibility into production bottlenecks impacted performance, limited capacity, and prevented teams from establishing the root-causes of production delays.

Solution Overview

In conjunction with the PlantVision team, Aritco’s production team worked to design and implement a TrakSYS rollout that would help them optimize their warehouse visibility and (by proxy) their production processes.

Whereas their former solution only told operators which materials an order required, TrakSYS provided operators with real-time insight into inventory levels and enabled GMP (good manufacturing practices) like FIFO (first in, first out).

PlantVision implemented TrakSYS for Production Management so teams could monitor every step of the elevator assembly process. All of this was done with the goal of removing production bottlenecks to increase capacity and allow Aritco to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Key TrakSYS features

Key TrakSYS features

Solution diagram

Solution diagram

Example screen 1

Example screen 1

Example screen 2

Example screen 2


  • Combined data from disparate data sources
  • Reduced inventory-related production closures from 6 to 2 days a year
  • Created reliable inventory reports
  • Worked towards on-time and in-full production goals, as well as digitalizing paper documents for morning meetings

About Artico Lift AB

Aritco Lift AB was founded in 1995 as a manufacturer of lifts that mix efficiency with aesthetics for schools, public buildings, offices, retail stores, and private residences. All the company’s lifts are designed around the simple idea of opening up spaces for everyone by improving mobility, focusing on Scandinavian design, Smart functionality, and safety. Over the years, Aritco has revolutionized the lift industry through their launch of next generation home lifts. Aritco lifts have been installed in more than 40,000 buildings and private homes around the world. Learn more at Aritco.com


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