Common issues facing laboratory operations include:

  • Lack of integrated systems
  • Poor use of data analytics
  • Poor change management procedures
  • Quality of data needs improving


  • Data integrity – incomplete, lost or deleted data
  • Many different data types need to be efficiently collected from each instrument
  • Must be able to search and access the data
  • Need to be able to share data between people and departments
  • Must stay in control of data quality


An ideal solution will deliver…

  • ALL data and information under control and long-term preservation ready.
  • Secure, easy access & clear procedures for analysts (how to capture data).
  • Quality built in to enable future data analytics and simplified decision making.


A centralized, secure, future-proof data archive & management solution with individual record tracking and full records/usage audit trail.

Anders Törnqvist
Anders TörnqvistSenior Specialist Consultant
Tel: +46 (0)70 242 83 38

Electronic Record Management – “The e-binder.”

Configured solution, focusing on usability and simplicity.

Secure, future-proof data archiving and management.

Fast searches using filters and specific criteria. Accurate and complete ‘live’ data.

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