Data pattern recognition reveals the ‘TRUTH’ in complex processes


Modern production is complex and the amount of production data available is increasing rapidly. However, data is not readily available to everyone that needs it.


  • Take full advantage of valuable production data (or risk falling behind competitors).
  • Identify root causes within complex processes.
  • Ensure correct data is used for optimizing production.


An ideal solution will help to…

  • Enable better and faster decisions.
  • Identify production deviations at an early stage.
  • Find patterns and root causes in a big data environment.


Powerful and easy to use analysis tools that enable you to dive deep into your production data and generate valuable insights about complex processes.


A plant is losing money on one of its batch processes. Plant management want to know the cause of the problem…

Operations Management: “The problem is caused by operators not strictly following the temperature profiles during the first ‘React’ operation.”

Operators: “No, the problem is something else.”

Erik Jansson
Erik JanssonSenior Specialist Consultant, Manufacturing Information
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Question: Is batch cost related to heat cycle time?

Question: Do good batches have a common temperature profile?

Analysis: Use pattern recognition function to identify occurrences of the pattern in historical data.

Answer: Not all good batches fit the pattern.

Answer: Not all batches that fit the pattern are good.

Conclusion: Whether or not the operators are following the prescribed temperature profile… (1) the profile does not give consistently good batches; (2) the profile is not represented in all good batches.