Your pharmaceutical production is in full flow again after upgrading around 30 critical components in your production information system. The sun is shining and even your boss is smiling.

That smile soon disappears, however, when it becomes apparent that a large number of incorrect batch reports have been generated due to a program software error. Valuable batches can’t be released for sale and there’s a serious threat to production capacity.

This was the crisis facing one of our customers.

Our response was fast and decisive. Within a few of hours we had deployed our very own SWAT team with a project leader on-site prioritizing and coordinating activities.

An immediate, value-focused trouble-shooting process was undertaken. Additional resources were put in place for managing the incorrect batch reports. The required technical expertise was acquired and good communication was maintained with all stakeholders throughout the incident.

The route cause was resolved by working directly with the software supplier and the service management team. Critical system data was delivered to the supplier, enabling the software to be updated.

The whole incident was resolved in the shortest possible time. Production disruption was kept to an absolute minimum, and production/delivery capacity remained unaffected.

Making it possible was a highly engaged team with a strong service ethic, determined to protect the customer’s operations.