A manufacturing company that manufactures machines along with associated operating plants (control system, supply system, etc.) uses Siemens Teamcenter as a product database for managing all articles and documents relating to the machines themselves, as well as how these are assembled with each other for a specific delivery.

All detailed engineering for the plant, such as processes, piping, electricity and instrumentation, is carried out in Siemens COMOS.

Connectivity to the purchasing system, SAP, goes via Teamcenter.

While COMOS includes an integration engine for Teamcenter, few customers have chosen to use it so far.


It was imperative to integrate the two systems to reduce manual efforts and work duplication, as well as reduce the risk of incorrect or outdated information in either of the systems.

There was also a great need to build-in a digital change management system in order to control and follow up exactly:

  • which parts were sold from the start of a project and which were added through changes;
  • which design documents are valid;
  • included parts at purchase, assembly and delivery, as well as subsequent service assignments.

As such, revision management was a significant part of the project to synchronize the two systems.


The natural step, of course, was to integrate the two systems and PlantVision was given the task of achieving this.

COMOS includes a built-in interface for configuring towards Teamcenter, regarding access to articles, documents and structural items.

However, a lot of adaptation/configuration needed to be carried out according to the customer’s structure in Teamcenter, as well as the structural set-up in COMOS. For example, in COMOS an object tagging of KKS structure is used, while in Teamcenter the structure is more product oriented.


With the integration in place, the customer has streamlined their operations, as well as raised the quality of their data and reduced sources of error. The customer also now has effective control over changes and additions.

The integration has contributed towards systemic support across disciplines, from sales, engineering and production, to commissioning and service.

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