Ensuring consistent product quality in process-based production is an ongoing task. A constant cycle of sampling, analysis and reporting is needed to feed results back into production in order to optimize process parameters.

For one of our customers, this procedure had become an area of concern.

Results from the various analysis instruments were registered manually in the existing lab information system. Test results were then entered into a report, printed out and passed to production in paper format.

The long lead time between each test result led to excessive variations in process parameters, resulting in variations in product quality. This was compounded by instances where incorrect results were delivered due to human error.

PlantVision was tasked with helping to shorten cycle times and ensure the accuracy of results.

Through careful analysis of the customer’s processes, including user case workshops, we were able to develop and implement a new solution. All lab instruments used for analysis were integrated with the lab information system, enabling data handling to be automated.

In turn, the lab system was also integrated with the production system, enabling automated reporting of test results directly to the production floor.

Benefits realized:

  • Significantly shorter lead times
  • Higher and more consistent quality in production
  • Elimination of manual errors associated with handling of test results
  • Time gains for lab personnel – able to carry out additional tasks

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